About Us

Warkworth Community Service Club

Service With Hand and
Heart since 1947

Our History

In 1947 three local businessmen, Grant Allen (Insurance), Bill Bowen (Warkworth Lumber), and Archie O’Connor, (Royal Bank Manager), got together and formed the Warkworth Businessmen’s Club.  Its mandate was to raise funds in order to provide financial assistance for existing local youth organizations.

It soon became apparent that in order to fulfill that mandate the Club would require additional members.  Further more, some local farmers were also interested in joining the Club, since they too were businessmen.  Thus the doors were opened to a wider group, and the Club became the Warkworth Community Service Club.

The Club raised money through dances, street dances, and bingos.  The first Donnybrook was held in 1958.

The Club has evolved over the years and now has a broad spectrum of men and women members.  From those beginnings in 1947, there are now over 100 members supporting an agenda that includes fundraising activities and community support.